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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I get all of the photos you take?

All photos are shot in RAW format. Photos shot in RAW contain much more digital information than JPEG photos, but they also look "flat" and must be edited on programs like Lightroom to bring the image back to they way it truly looked when they were taken. Also, I don't hold back images. If I have 10 great photos you'll get all 10. If I have 50 great photos you'll get all 50. Any photos you didn't get were out of focus, someone had their eyes closed, etc.

Secondly, as a photographer and artist I take pride in giving you the best of my work. The only images you won't get are the ones I believe are below the quality I expect from myself and that you deserve. 

What Happens if we go past our time?

Just as important to me as providing you with great images is making sure we have fun doing it! If that means we go over our time a little that's ok. 

When will I get my photos?

Typically photos are available within 2 business days of the shoot, but can take up to 2 weeks.

Can I bring my pets?


Do you offer prints from the photo shoots?

I offer fine art prints, but I do not provide prints from shoots. I supply full size digital files which provides you the flexibility to post your photos online or print them anywhere you'd like. 

I highly recommend Nations Photo Lab online printing service. I've used them for my printing for a long time and they do great work.

Do you do wedding photography?

Yes! Starting in 2023 I will be offering wedding photography. 

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